Mountain Express

312 Main Street, Haileyville, OK, USA
$744,000 7.25% Cap 2,340 sq ft Representative Photo Print This Page


312 Main Street, Haileyville, OK, USA

Price: $744,000
Cap Rate: 7.25%
Net Operating Income: $54,000
Square Footage: 2,340
Lot Size: 0.57 AC

100% Fee Simple InterestAbsolute NNN LeaseAnnual IncreasesScheduled IncreasesStrong and Experienced Operator

This is an absolute net leased C-Store offering in Haileyville, Oklahoma. This Shell branded station has a new 20 year absolute NNN lease and calls for 2% annual increases in rent. The lease is corporately guaranteed by a leading 462-unit operator.

Located in Pittsburg County, Haileyville lies at the junction of U.S. Route 270#OklahomaU.S. Route 270/State Highway 1 and State Highway 63, fourteen miles east of McAlester and a little more than one mile west of Hartshorne.
Haileyville, in the Choctaw Nation, was a company town, which was a common feature of coal-mining communities. Italians, American Indians, Russians, and Americans comprised most of Haileyville, and many worked in the mines or on the railroads. Coal from the area was only profitable due to the railroad junction. The town was home to the freight and passenger offices of the Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railroad, which later became the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company (Rock Island). By 1902 the railroad had 1,052 miles of track, including a branch from the town that ran to Ardmore. Haileyville remained the division point of the Rock Island Railroad until 1958, when the offices moved to El Reno.

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